Vol.1 Dress


Pottery White

Natural feeling like white porcelain

Natural coloring with transparency. White like white porcelain, soft colors that are not too sharp, such as terracotta and brown. While producing a gorgeous color and pattern, it has a beautiful and elegant atmosphere and tailoring. Casual styling that mixes synthetic fiber and natural materials in a balanced manner.

  • Casual_01

    Melton car coat type blouson is a perfect outer that can be turned ON / OFF in the form of a tailored collar shape. A silhouette that looks smart while using a melton, and a feeling of size that is comfortable enough to wear even if you wear a knit as the inner.
    The pullover knit is switching knitted pattern on the front and is a simple yet sophisticated piece.


  • Casual_02

    Polyester fleece blouson made by POLARTEC® fabric. Insulation level is heavyweight, and “POLARTEC® CLASSIC 300” is used for activities in low-temperature environments. A light, warm and breathable blouson.
    Court sneakers that combine a suede upper with a slightly foamed lightweight sole.Although it is a thick sole, it is lightweight and comfortable.

    POLARTEC®社製のポリエステルフリース素材のブルゾン。断熱レベルもヘビーウェイトで、低温環境での活動を目的に作られた「POLARTEC® CLASSIC 300」を採用。軽くて保温性・通気性も高いブルゾンです。

  • Casual_03

    Casual chester coat using a short beaver mixed with Italy “BELLANDI” cashmere. The short beaver with slightly long hair is smooth and slightly glossy. The original brushed check pattern is used for the lining of the body, and twill that is easy to wear is used for the sleeves, providing both warmth and comfort.
    The knit has a well-colored fair isle pattern that gorgeously colors the V-zones of winter blousons and coats that tend to be heavy. Finishing with 12 gauge, it is a moderate volume feeling that is not too thick even if you wear an outer.


  • Casual_04

    A stand collar knit blouson with a button design that features a unevenness surface and a fine dot pattern. In addition to wearing as a blouson, you can enjoy layering with a coat in the winter with a soft knit finish.
    The pants are blended with 1% polyurethane, and the stretchy saxony wool has a certain quality finish in Bishu. With a discreet darts on the front, the silhouette is smart and is a pattern that allows for easy movement.


  • Casual_05

    The car coat type blouson is made of wool-like polyester with a detachable liner down. A light, waterproof material that is further laminated to provide wind protection and is not easily wrinkled. Calm shades and discreet Glenn check are not too sporty and are elegant.
    Leather combination glove using wool material of England “MOON”. The three-dimensional pattern and the lining bore provide an excellent feeling of wearing. We adopt smartphone correspondence (FAST TOUCH) for index finger.

    英国MOON社のウール素材を使用したレザーコンビグローブ。立体パターンと裏地のボアにより、抜群の装着感が得られる。人差し指にスマートフォン対応(FAST TOUCH)を採用しています。

  • Casual_06

    A docked knit blouson with suede jersey on the front and knit on both sleeves and back. It is attractive that the touch and comfort are soft by the knit use for the appearance of the smooth suede-like expression.
    The bag is an original geometric pattern. Saffiano PVC processing enhances the waterproofing effect and has a solid tone and a solid look.


  • Casual_07

    Duffle coat with improved design with minimal use of toggle buttons and front zipper opening.Made of double woven wool from Italy “Fabrica”. Although it is a bulging material, it is light and features a velour cut finish and a soft surface. A wool material that is both cold protection and lightweight.
    The neck warmer is made of POLARTEC® polyester fleece. Easy to handle size and specifications with snap button closure.


  • Casual_08

    Using easy care wool-like polyester. Light and warm quilt blouson has an authentic design that works on and off. Because it is simple, we are particular about sizing and patterns that combine a clean silhouette with ease of wearing.
    The storage tote bag is using the original bonding fake leather. By attaching PVC to the fake suede, it brings out a soft expression and gives it a light finish with plenty of size. Genuine leather is used for the handle part where the load is applied.


  • Casual_09

    The outer surface is made of water-repellent and anti-pilling multifunctional material “LANATEC®”. Highly functional yet wool-like natural texture with removable liner down. The hood is also removable, keeping the volume of the stand-up while keeping the face clean.
    Coordinates cashmere block check scarf to apple green gorgeous and soft knitted cashmere. A well-balanced mix of synthetic fibers and natural materials.


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