19-AW Collection

2019 Autumn Collection

Military and Sports

Traditional & Elegant

Express practical details and materials derived from military /work /sports
through TAKEO KIKUCHI filters.Sports mix style using traditional gun club check.
Military blouson style for gentleman.Olive green by black color coordination,
natural color from terracotta to brown.

  • Casual_01

    A cardigan jacket with a classic gun club check and light jersey material. Daypack is made of ethical material with lamb leather patchwork. The basic sneakers using the last of the well balance form are accented with fasteners.


  • Casual_02

    Stand collar blouson with big check pattern from Italy BONOTTO. A modern update based on military wear. Corduroy placed on the lining of the collar and sleeves also creates a fall-winter feeling. Enjoy the color matching with a ribbon belt with a sporty and elegant atmosphere using a glossy tape.


  • Casual_03

    A hood blouson with a switching design of different materials. The main body is like a wool fabric with a windproof film, and suede material is used for switching shoulders and parts. One-tone coordination in a natural olive color.


  • Casual_04

    A refined blouson style with a smart silhouette and a slightly thick corduroy material based on a military-wear Fatigue jacket. PVC material tote bag with gun club print is reversible. Polyester suede slip-ons are also Print pattern. Plaid matching is comfortable for autumn.


  • Casual_05

    The slacks with an original check print on a French CARREMAN punch jersey material. Pants that are easy to match with a discreet dark check pattern and are easy to move with moderate stretch. 2 counter chronograph watch that feels classic motorsports taste is elegant and soft by incorporating Arabic letters.


  • Casual_06

    A stand-up collar shirt that has evolved into an outer look. The main body is made of KOMATSUEDE®. It has excellent stretch and is not easily wrinkled. A tote bag with a soft expression by attaching PVC and fabric like Suede. Genuine leather is used for the handle part.


  • Casual_07

    Using blister fabric with unevenness on the entire knitted fabric. A shawl collar cardigan with a clean silhouette and design.The shallow knit cap is double-stitched, and the wrapping is finished with ribs. Characterized by a light and soft texture.


  • Casual_08

    V-neck pullover knit is reversible. You can enjoy both the border pattern and plain. The stretch dobby corduroy pants that is popular has a fresh autumn terracotta color. 2-way clutch made of PVC material. Can be used as a simple clutch bag when the shoulder is removed.


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