Vol.2 Casual


Relaxed Tailored

Look traditional, but feel comfort.

Incorporates functionality in a texture of natural materials such as cashmere and wool. Lightness and soft comfort when worn against the traditional appearance. Authentic and elegant gentle styling.

  • Dress_01

    Stand collar coat of beaver material with subtle luster and melange. Because of the cashmere mix, it has a smooth touch and a soft texture.
    The elegant clutch back is made of careless fake leather.


  • Dress_02

    A balcollar coat that is authentic is perfect for business. The stand collar looks dressy. The neat silhouette of the round shoulder and knee length is an elegant and easy-to-move balance worn over the suit.
    The scarf is a herringbone tartan check pattern that is specially ordered to BEGG & CO. This is a design that uses a combination of angola materials and enables the combination of check and herringbone pattern.


  • Dress_03

    High-performance coat with a minimal design that can be worn for suits and setups. 2WAY stretch + water repellent function supports active movement. The down liner is removable, so you can wear it for a long time until early spring.
    The scarf is made of POLARTEC® polyester fleece. A simple but functional dress style.


  • Dress_04

    The suit is made of the new AMADEUS ACTION from the British fabric manufacturer DORMEUIL. While expressing the elegant gloss and a touch of firmness unique with British materials, it has become a more comfortable fabric by adding a stretch function.
    The brief bag is a unique tanning technique that expresses natural unevenness. It is both transparent and elegant with an antique feel.

    スーツは英国の生地メーカーDORMEUILの新作AMADEUS ACTIONの生地を使用。上品な光沢感と英国素材特有のしっかりしたハリコシあるタッチを表現しつつ、ストレッチ機能を付与する事でより着心地のよい生地になっています。

  • Dress_05

    The suit fabric is made of AMADEUS, which is popular in the collection of DORMEUIL. Black which can be worn in formal wear is useful by making a shadow check pattern.
    Goodyear's inner-blade straight tip shoes are a pair of semi-square toes that make you feel British classics.


  • Dress_06

    The jacket is a herringbone jersey material developed in collaboration with “NORITAKE” from Bishu. While taking advantage of the characteristics of the jersey material such as stretch and good kickback, it keeps the elbows from falling out.
    Turtleneck knit is a knitted fabric pattern that takes advantage of the characteristics of cashmere peculiar to the chest. 12 gauge that is not too thick and not too thin.


  • Dress_07

    The jacket is designed to switch between melton on the front and knit on the back. While wearing a soft comfort, by using a melton for the predecessor and a clean finish, it’s an elaborate one that keeps the feeling neat.
    The same material vest is also available and can be worn as an ensemble.


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